At Deep River we want to partner with their parents and grandparents to help kids know God, to know and grow in His love, to know and grow in the Love of Christ, and to go out and show His love to others. At Deep River we are reaching kids right where they are at and helping them discover God on their own. We believe that the Children of Deep River are the church of today.


We have opportunities for families to come together for different events and grow in their relationship with each other and with their relationship with Jesus. We also have events set up (HIVE, Lock-ins, trips, Children’s Church, and many more) that are specifically designed to engage your children where they are but also allow them to see the love of Christ.


 Each week we have the Youth Moment available for children and their parents to let them know the events coming up. Also on the Youth Board and in the bulletin you can find more information.


 *All of our Children workers have a current up to date background check. Your children’s safety is a top priority.



Deep River middle school consist of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. We have weekly Youth Group on Sundays at 3:30-5:00pm. It is a chance where Middle Schoolers can come be themselves and act like Middle school students all the while getting to grow in Christ. We also have throughout the year additional events and trips set up just for Middle school students, Such as Believe, MIX, and going to the camp once a month for Ignite and much more.


Deep River High school consist of 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. We have weekly Youth Group on Sundays at 5:30-7:30. It is a chance for High schoolers to come and grow in a relationship with Christ all while getting the chance to be a high schooler. We also have other activities throughout the week and year. Such as weekly Bible studies over coffee, heading out to the camp for Ignite once a month, a Sr. high trip every summer and much, much more.


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Sunday School 9:30am  |  Worship Service 10:30am  | 7500 Grand Blvd. Hobart, IN  |  219.942.6956

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